Hands-on Rigging

When you have been given the responsibility to relocate your equipment or your entire company, you need to know where to turn, someone you can trust to handle whatever services may be required. This is where ScoPro Rigging performs above and beyond all other companies.

We pre-plan every phase of the job since every job is unique and each presents different challenges, and in many cases, custom solutions. SCOPRO Rigging will come to your facility and provide a walk-through to see what obstacles your location presents. We will then help you plan and coordinate your project down to each detail.

Packing and Crating Services

We provide expert packing, custom skidding and crating services to accommodate your needs from small delicate lab equipment to large machines,

Equipment Installations

We will receive your new equipment for you and deliver for installation at your convenience.

Forklift and Crane Services

We know that your machine can run more efficiently and accurately if leveled properly:
      Anchoring                      Leveling                      Core Drilling
In addition, ScoPro offers a leveling maintenance contract to ensure your machines continue to perform at their best.

Unloading & Storage
We offer equipment unloading and INDOOR climate control storage. General storage, indoor warehousing.

Whether you need your machinery relocated within your shop or trucked across the country, SCOPRO Rigging can perform all phases of your move.


Scopro Rigging will assist you with transportation quotes long distance or local